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Temporarily banded my account


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NO Auto refresh use. I do the page reload use hand

Then just stop.

As mentioned so many times before, appearing online has a minimal impact on gig visibility and only to buyers with specific search filters on.

Great gigs get sales no matter whether the seller is online or offline, and it would be quite the incredible feat to get a sale now while being temporarily banned.

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Since it would appear you do need customer assistance, perhaps click on that link given in the snapshot and explain your case.

This is precisely why us “old timers” in the forum always debunk the myth that you have to be online 24/7 (or appear that way) in order to gain any impressions, orders or clicks. Most times, it will just get you a warning or a ban.

Speaking of warnings - did you receive a warning in your email associated with your Fiverr account at all?

To reiterate, there is NO benefit to appearing online 24/7 here. NO matter what some blogger, YT guru or mentor on FB says. They are wrong.


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I am also feel this problem but i am already log in and do anything on my gig…i have no problem for this banned…!!!

You’re not banned.

It happens if you visit too many Fiverr pages at once.

Just go ahead and clear your cache in your browser, it solves the issue

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