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You just started another one of these threads a few days ago and essentially ignored the answers: How can I get an Order in 24 hours? - Your Fiverr Experience - Fiverr Community Forum

Duplicating threads or asking the same Q over and over is not allowed in the forum and if you don’t listen to, or take action from, answers given why would anyone good help again?

Your images and work are still of poor quality, there are TOS violations, you are asking to get ripped off, have poor English… The only attractive things in your Gig are the pretty ladies - who sadly are not improved with terrible background swapping. None of these things will make anyone want to hire you.

I am sorry but if you want to have good outcomes, you need to do good work. Fiverr is not free-moneyrr.


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This is on your gig images:

image450×588 72.1 KB

They look like they have been cut out with scissors by a five year old at best. I am positive that you are using some automated method of doing this and not paying any attention whatsoever to the results. I mean, how do you lose Bill Clinton’s entire suit and call it done well?

I would be embarrassed to show this as an example of my work. Honestly though, perhaps it’s best if you do keep these there, because at least buyers will know not to hire you for something that you simply cannot do to a professional standard.

It’s also probably best that you haven’t yet been hired, because I can see a 1 star review and a demand for their money back in your future.

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Oh boy…

Reading the replies above, I just had to take a gander myself at the gig in question, and yes, it’s almost as bad as it can get.

Excessive use of capital letters and highlighter, grammar issues, linking to an outside website, satisfaction guarantees, money-back guarantees, unlimited revisions on even the base package, and I haven’t even mentioned the sample pictures!

I don’t want to be mean, so I’ll just say background removal is an excessively oversaturated field. It would be best to try to find your way providing a different type of service.

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