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My gig vanished from search results


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Hi dear community members,

This is Tajul and I have been working here for 1 year now. I have opened a gig about Instagram marketing service in September 2020. And then after review, my gig was active. After a while, my gig rank on the first page. Then, I have started getting orders. But after January 15 I don’t know what happened. My gig is down overnight (screenshots are added here). Note: Maybe I have got 2/3 bad reviews also 5 order cancellations.

Picture 01:

fiverr forum 011136×319 38.2 KB

Picture 02: Last 7 days results:
fiverr forum 021186×355 20.1 KB

Picture 03: Last one month:
fiverr forum 031145×387 29 KB

Picture 04: last 3 months
fiverr forum 041178×377 32 KB

Now, I want you guys to please let me know how can I get back to my previous position again. What should I need to do now?

Very much looking forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards,

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What’s your 6-month look like? Without know that I’d say that wasn’t a ‘previous position’ but an outlier.

Hi there!

Thanks for your kind words. Here is my 6 months stats.

Picture 01:

6 months 011304×554 61.7 KB

Picture 02:

6 months 021295×412 20.1 KB
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You cannot create “more” Gigs offering the “same” services. Each Gig needs to be unique and different from another.

Making Gigs as you advise can get his guy a TOS warning or his Gigs deactivated.


If I create one or more gigs which are identical with my existing gig then would it be a TOS violation? can you please mention that link, I really need to know that.

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