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How to Increase GIG Sales (Tips, not a Question)


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Its the most common question we think about-How I can increase my gig sales on fiverr. ?

I am a 2nd level seller and Here is what I feel and experience about the solution. I hope these 5 tips will help you to increase your sales on Fiverr.

1. Always start from low, never ask for hundreds of dollars, we know there are many sellers here, who will do the job for less, So always start from lower amount.

2. Do not break communication, If you are in between a order, never ignore your buyer, always send him/her periodically message and updates about the work, specially if the work is long or your delivery time is is days.

3. Be in contact, If you have finished your work or order with the buyer or even if he has left the review, you can send him/her general message about your work, if it is right or if he is facing any issue with that, I am sure you can get reorders from them upto 20% or even more.

4. Never try to cheat your buyer, Be honest with your buyer and tell him the actual facts about the work or what he asked.

5. Be ready for revisions, Although its depend upon the type of work or gig, but seller should be always ready for revisions, Because some time buyer just simply ask to change the things or work, as he don;t like the results so ready for it, its a common practice.

I know there many top rated seller who are doing very good on fiverr and have good experience. but I hope my tips will also help the fiverr sellers here.

And I am looking for other Fiverr guys to share their experience too.



Have a good day :)>-

Happy Fiverring

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Hi all and thank you for sharing your thoughts

@kitsaros - You can be a success seller here, be positive and give your best.

@manualtop20 - Yes these are very basic but useful tips.

@thanujabalaji - I hope @ voiceoverwork has replied to you, if you have any doubt follow this - Go to Sales in top menu bar and then see on right side there will be this wording - [buyer Requests ] click on it and it will show a new window,- here you can submit your proposal for relevant requests which are made by buyers.

@ voiceoverwork - you can be one of our inspiration.

Have a Good Day

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Good tips, thanks. It seems difficult to get the first sale to happen though, especially when there is so much competition. I posted a video on Youtube yesterday to promote my service, but it doesn’t help much when the video doesn’t get any views.

I think having more than one or two gigs should also help new sellers to get more orders, but promotion is still necessary in most cases. It helps a lot if you happen to have already existing following on Twitter or Facebook. But if you don’t, the only thing you can do is to start building some following, which is really slow and requires a lot of work.

By the way, has anyone tried Google Adwords or something similar? Are we even allowed to advertise our gigs directly with paid traffic?

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Hi @pinsukka Thanks for your thoughts

Yes the above given tips will help you when you will get some orders. And perhaps you need to do some efforts to get sales like promotion of gigs and sharing on social media sites.

No I never tried Adwords, Perhaps you need to ask the support or may be you need to dig in Fiverr forum for this.

Thank you

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Thanks @onedna! I’m struggling to rebuild my rep on Fiverr and acquire new customers. I love the work I do here and really want to give buyers the quality I can offer! Your advice helped me focus on how I can reach the market again. If you have anymore advice, I’m all ears! 8->

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I’m not new, but I struggle with this a lot. Actually, my biggest issue is that I overdeliver and work too much for too little, haha. People do return, there are many interested clients, but I just don’t have time for more orders if I work so much on the current ones.

Anyway, those tips are awesome. I believe honesty is number 1, then just like you described it. 🙂

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I agree with your posting. I’m relatively new, but have found a few repeat customers. I even declined an audio transcription gig because it was taking me too long to complete and the buyer offered to pay more because she liked my work so much! Be honest! It does go a long way.

As for that first sale - I say promote your gigs on FB and Twitter - it helped me. Also, make sure your profile is honest and strong. Choose a good profile pic. Put yourself out there! You have to try and stand ahead of the rest because it is very competitive.

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I really agree with the tips above!

I’ve been a top-rated seller for almost a year now and I do believe your “status” helps you take the next step up and get more gigs. From no status, to level 1, to level 2, to top rated - each label allows you to charge more for your creation. I think a lot of people lack confidence on Fiverr and don’t charge enough for what they are selling!

OVER-DELIVER on the gigs that you do get.

(It gets the BEST feedback. Your first feedback’s are the beginning of the snowball).

In 2012 I charged $5 for a “toytastic” instrumental. If anyone wanted to purchase something else I would quote them. However, I wasn’t confident and felt I needed more experience to charge more than I would like! I did 10 nursery rhyme songs at $15 each and I look back and think - why! To get feedback is why. I over-delivered on each one but kept in mind I was just climbing the ladder. If over-delivering ruins your motivation in the beginning you aren’t going to get far! Stay positive through all the hard times!

Have your own THEME SONG. Have a personality. The buyer needs to trust you.

(Stick in buyers minds).

As a musician I found having my own “theme song” helped me get gigs! It shows what I do and it sticks in peoples minds! Even if you aren’t making anything music related a theme song may very well still help your sales increase and make your gig one to remember! You need a logo. A brand. You need to appear professional!

Sell yourself with music.

Also change your video often 🙂 It grabs more attention!

I hope these tips help you all!!

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