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Why i Don't get any order


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What Marina said^

Plus you have to make something that people actually want. I have no idea what you offer but honestly, just about every one of these No one ever bought my gig Gigs has been made with no thought or care at all.

Who will want to buy your gig?

If you assume that because you made it, people will come and empty their pockets, you have watched too many movies. Or maybe it is that you only looked at the poster and didn’t really watch the movie itself as in that movie where he built it and they came, he filled a very specific demand that was not being catered for: a place where dead baseball players could come to play ball, and people could flock to see these dead ballplayers playing Centerfield.

Who does your gig serve - and before you say anyone who wants Insert Gig Activity Here, think carefully as those people are already served. There are gigs for that. Why make another, especially if it is in one of those things like eBook or Ship Dropping Shops that are bust - as in people used to go nuts for buying em but now don’t as they realized that they just don’t work.

I don’t make a lot of sales with my main Mixing Gig but those with whom I do business really love what I do for them. This is because I have a clear idea of whom I serve. Or more to the point whom I can serve in a way that we both walk away happy. If I were to be just another (dis)service that looks for lots of cheap sales from cutting corners I would not walk away happy. Nor would many of my customers whom I have hoodwinked.

Work out what you can do that is truly special and how to find the people who want that thing. The more unusual the better. The problem with Mixing is that everyone claims to do it, which makes it harder for people to see the difference. If I were to sell hand Crafted Doilies made from the gizzards of baby crocodiles my service would have a lot less direct competition.


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