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Strange issue with my funds/earning for a month

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Can anyone please explain what is happening here. ( I just wrote to Fiverr support as well)

When I see my balance, I see this for almost every order since March. The orders are all completed successfully, with happy (different) customers, 5 stars reviews…

After completing an order this is what I see

1.Canceled payment refunded to buyer (red)

  1. Cleared funds refund to pending (red)

  2. Fund cleared (green)

Yesterday I was supposed to get funds cleared and I have’s received any. My balance is 0, but I see money pending… Funds cleared… Does that mean that funds are cleared back to customer or me??

P.S Forgot to say that a customer had a Paypal chargeback and Fiverr support told me they work on it and to get the funds back and I didn’t hear anymore from them…The chargeback was around $800… I don’t see negative balance in my earnings. Is it possible to pay for that now?

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