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Can anyone tell how to rank on fiverr


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If you have been here an entire year and have yet to receive an order, then the answer is YOUR GIGS. There is obviously something amiss with them.

Whether it is the images you have in your Gigs, your grammar and spelling in your Gigs, the prices your Gigs cost, or if you have put your Gigs in categories where you have thousands of competitors.

Your Gig will not “rank” as you call it or gain any traction unless you take a good critical look at it. Would YOU buy what you are selling? If yes, why? If no, what can you improve?

You should post a link to your Gig so others who like critiquing Gigs can take a look and give you some insight.


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You are offering a service which Fiverr does not allow.

Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.

Check this out:

Hello. I created my first GIG on Fiverr about niche based email scraping many sellers are offering this service already on Fiverr but don’t know why my GIG has been removed they say that my GIG is violating third party term of use but they didn’t state what actually in my GIG is violation TOS either my pictures, description, or pdf file now I am quite confused what should I do? should I repost my this email scraping GIG by making some changes in it?
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