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Prices charged in different countries and general profit


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There are many messages on Fiverr discussing prices charged for a service. This is quite a controversial subject, but if we look at the broader spectrum, it is quite fair.

Depending on your country, your exchange rate, and an average hourly working rate, one can get an idea of why people charge differently:

USA: In the USA the lowest salary per hour is around $8, give or take.
South Africa: The exchange rate from the USA $8 is R120.
Canada: The exchange rate from the USA $8 is Canadian dollars $10.50
Australia: The exchange rate from the USA $8 to Austrian dollars $10.48
India: The exchange rate from the USA $8 to Indian Rupee 596.48
Pakistan: The exchange rate from the USA $8 to Pakistani Rupee 1222.32

Now we know that the USA’s lowest salary is around 7 or 8 dollars.
The lowest salary in South Africa is R14.
The lowest salary in Canada is around $13 Canadian dollars per hour
The lowest salary in Australia is $20 per hour
The lowest salary in India is around 20 Indian Rupees per hour
The lowest salary in Pakistan is around 90 Pakistan Rupees per hour

If I am working in the USA at $8 an hour, people in South Africa would be getting the same service as nearly 10% more in money or salary terms.
Canadians will also be getting more.
Australians will be getting less, basically half.
Indians will be getting about 30% more.
Pakistanis will be getting about 13% more.

This is why people from certain countries are making a lot of money with $8 USD. Therefore they can charge $5. While people from Canada, the USA, and Australia, are needing to charge more for their services.

But whatever country we live in it all boils down to price and service. We need to keep the service on Fiverr professional, otherwise, the site will no longer attract buyers.

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