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It's so hard to find a good new seller


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Hi everyone…,
Want to share my experience.

I level 2 Seller…, and want to order social media promotions gigs.

and want to give a new seller some chance, so i only look for new seller with reasonable budget. Range from $5 - $20, plus USA resident - Fluent English

Check many new seller gigs, and found 6 that catch my eye and have good descriptions.
Decide to contact them and ask a quote.

Only three with fast response.

From these three: ( All of them listed from USA - fluent English)

  1. Poor communication skill - many grammar error, ( Clearly Fake)
  2. Avoid my questions and just keep saying that he can help me boost my gig impressions.
  3. Desperate for order…, (after i chat with this seller…, and away for 15 min…, i got 5 inbox asking “Are you there sir?” “Are you online Sir?”
    Don’t call your buyer “Bro, Sir, Brother, Sister…” It’s unprofessional.

In the end…, decide to look for leveled seller…, (same price range)
Good communication skill, polite, fast and good response.
and based on our chat, most of them clearly know what they are doing.

This is my experience.
So…, no wonder most of new seller can’t get any order yet.

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Not surprising at all, but I wouldn’t put too much trust on seller levels. There are still incompetent individuals and frauds who somehow have accumulated levels, whether legitimately or deceitfully. Of course, the higher the levels, the less likely that is the case, but bad apples can still happen.

Desperation is a pungent cologne that is near impossible to mask, and it drives many sellers to great lengths, whether by stealing gig descriptions, lying through their teeth about their skills and experience, or becoming obsessive if a buyer shows any interest in their gigs.

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