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How to deal with such clever buyers


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Hi guys!
I am a WordPress developerWordPress quick website in 24 hours and many times it has happened with me that some clever clients place their order and when I am about to complete their website redesigning and revamping or sometimes at completion they file the dispute and cancel order. They take the benefit of getting their work done without payment and when I ask reason they say illogical reasons and I find no way to get back the time and energy I invest on website projects.
Any tip to deal with such people?

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Maybe stop simply encouraging people in exactly how to get their money back:

100% customer satisfaction 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the work

No one can protect you if you leave yourself not only wide open but have encouraged this behavior. This is like painting a big sign for your car saying, doors unlocked, keys in the ignition, LoJack off… and wondering why it gets stolen every night.


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