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Two uploads within one order: only one shows up in portfolio


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Hi everybody! So I just completed an order and the buyer kindly allowed for it to be added to my portfolio. It was one order where I uploaded the two poems they wanted separately, so that the buyer has a clear overview. However, in my portfolio only the first poem can be seen. I’m already happy one of them is showing, but I just want to know for future orders if Fiverr automatically chooses the first document or that the buyer maybe unchecked the box for the 2nd poem?

For future reference (if it’s due to Fiverr’s); should I just upload one document to make sure both of my poems will be shown?

I tried finding an answer within this forum but couldn’t find it. I hope someone can help my out. Thank you in advance! 😁

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Only the first one will be able to be viewed in your portfolio. Remember, some of us send numerous files when completing an order.

Remember, some of us send numerous files when completing an order.

Yeah I figured with the field some people are in lots of other people have to send multiple files!

I often deliver a mockup for the first image and then the specific files or image

Smart! But since my work is words, I have to let those speak for themselves. So a sort of ‘first image’ approach won’t work for me unfortunately.

Next time I think I’ll just deliver multiple poems with a single file, must be clear enough for the buyer still. Thanks for clearing this up for me @teachernita @akib0079 😃

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