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Should I use different tags/words to my gig title?


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Not sure how the search algorithms work. Should I use different tag lines than words already in my gig title? I am supposing the gig title in combination with the tags narrow down the pool of talent (along with other factors) so I am thinking why repeat a keyword twice?


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Don’t let anyone tell you that you "need’ certain SEO for ranking.

This is NOT Google.

Fiverr works differently.

But if you use niche-specific tags/keywords, a Buyer searching for your service may have your Gigs appear in a search that way.

I use a few ‘tags’ and they appear under the Skills heading in my profile.

I hope that helps.

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I hope you are doing well as I can see that you are not even a seller, nor you do any gig. Anyway!

Your answer is in your question.

Use proper meta titles with key tags that relate to your service & description and use them frequently on your description too.

Happy earning!

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Apologies for even bringing this up, but I am curious about your user name.

The word “wuhan” for many, many people around the world has a strong association with the global pandemic, which is not a very positive event, to put it lightly.

I didn’t think he it would show on my actual profile! Is there a way of changing this?!

BTW Wuhan as a city is awesome. I lived there for a over a year.

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