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Why we start loving Fiverr!


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So we’ve been involved in Graphic Designing for more than a decade and we’ve been working on all major Freelancing websites. ( Not to mention them! 😃 )

So one day, one of our team member and heard about Fiverr, he, somehow made us to utilize this platform.

At the first, our reaction, LOL! Seriously? Dude we ain’t going to design a logo for only 5$? Or a brochure for only 5$?

We are professionals, this platform ain’t for us!

But somehow he convinced us and make our Fiverr Profile.

At the very first 2 weeks, we were not able to configure the beauty of this platform but when our all “GIGS” were uploaded! It gone rocket Fire!!! We completed 46 jobs within 3 days! That was something driven us to Fiverr! We never knew Fiverr has such potential!

So it’s been complete 30 days of us on Fiverr and we have completed 46 jobs! We checked the Fiverr blog which acknowledged us that we will be promoted to “LEVEL 1” on the next day of our First month if we successfully have delivered at least 10 orders! Sounds Good to US!

So all we want to say is that, Fiverr is the freelancing revolution dear fellows.

We are glad that we joined this platform ^:)^

*Disclaimer :

We are working on more than 6 freelancing websites for Graphic Designers and we have found Fiverr the best of us. We respect Fiverr TOS and every single order from Fiverr is remote, we are or we never will be in the attention to hover our Fiverr client to any other platfrom.

Fiverr - The awesomest place for freelancers! :-bd


Graphic Design 2 Print Co.

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