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How to get good review from byer?


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Hello everyone , greetings! I am an expert at creating, editing and converting fillable pdf forms.
My Services:

PDF To Word /Excel
Image to Text / Image To Word
JPEG to Word / PNG to WORD
Typing of scanned pdf images to word
Retyping documents into word
Creating Fillable Forms in any format
I have already completed 4 order but only one buyer give me a review another 3 buyer didn’t give me any review 😢

Web capture_7-4-2021_115325_www.fiverr.com001256×583 36.8 KB
Ho to receive good review? please tell.
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Produce quality work, and you’ll eventually receive more reviews.

Whatever you do, don’t ever ask for a review. That’s asking for a TOS violation and a potential ban from Fiverr. A buyer has every right to give or not give a review, so it’s up to them. If you continue to produce good work, eventually you’ll get some more reviews.

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