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Fiverr suggest to marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. If I want to marketing on email our targeted person or company, then I will be face any problem?

I send you offered a Valuable service.

But why you would consider my emails as spam.

While the offer is valuable to you, it is not valuable to anyone who isn’t at that moment looking, or likely to be looking for it. That is essentially everyone. If I got an email right now for a bottle of water, it would still be spam as while I drink water, I don’t want or need someone telling me about it in my email. Particularly if I did not sign up to their email bulletin on the merits of their lovely bottle of water.

Bearing in mind that when I worked in a Web Business in the mid-'00s that sold nice software for email bulletins, email marketing was already supremely inefficient in all but the most targeted of opt-in lists, I would not understand the logic of a micro business engaging in broad-scale opt-out style email campaigns.

The risks massively outweigh any likely benefits. Simply put expect to get visited with ban-hammers from Google, Yahoo, many little businesses, and even Fiverr themselves if you are silly enough to link straight to your Fiverr Gig in that email or advert.

Think less of yourself and your wants and more of those of people who have a problem they are worried enough to solve with cold hard cash over the internet, the easier this gets (and it is never easy).

Fiverr suggest to marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Fiverr says that to give you something to do. And it is good to be doing things as assuming that people will arrive on Fiverr looking for you are 0.0000000 to 0.000001%. On a good day. With a tail wind that is calling out your name with the voice of a beautiful woman.

It is generally better to have a market - as in a place where we know there are customers for what we do - before starting a business. If you have a huge budget you can do what Apple did with their iPod and iFad and just advertise everywhere but that is unlikely to work for a specific service on Fiverr that probably won’t make the buyer look hip (whilst proving how square they really are 😉 )


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