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Why my gig is not showing?


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My gig is not showing in search and NO IMPRESSIONS, NO CLICKS, NO ORDERS !
What I can do ? (My profile is ONLINE now, from what the problem ? 😦 )

favicon-32x32.png.0a5eb96cc6d6e614859de945cc883f5e.png Fiverr.com

Hamza_benel: I will make 3d low poly model car for $5 on fiverr.com

For only $5, Hamza_benel will make 3d low poly model car. | ** READ THE DISCREPTION BEFORE ORDERING ** Hello customers,In this GIG I'll make for you a 3D Low Poly Model Car in High quality for | Fiverr

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I have changed the description to the best, and prices to low, and GIG Gallery to high quality and best work

Why I ask is, if you update your gigs it does and will affect your position in the searches. It is fine to update and is good if you do the update all at once, but make sure you are not doing it too often. I would keep a check on your impressions and click. Screenshot them daily. Then send the screenshots to customer services, with a message that since you have updated your gigs this has happened. CS will be able to get your gigs back on track.

Also to get buyers to your gigs, use buyer request as much as possible. Look several times a day.

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