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How do i get my "12000 twitter followers to your account" gig popular?


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above is the gig i made, i am giving 12000 twitter followers to any account but how do i get this any attention or some popularity?


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Guest celticmoon

Create another gig which is unique and not considered a scam by most people.

You’re trying to sell something which has many thousands of competitors on this site, and because most people know that these kinds of gigs are not legitimate, you’re only going to be able to sell to people who are inexperienced enough to not know that. And even then, they usually sense there’s something not right about this (as well as being against many site’s terms of service, so they’re risking getting their account banned buying fake likes-see ) they will usually buy these sorts of gigs from established sellers with reviews they can read.

I’d suggest spending the time to read the hundreds of well-written posts offering free advice to newbies on Fiverr about how to optimize gigs, make sales, promote gigs, etc.(use the forum search function, upper right corner). And also take the time to look through the gigs being offered and create something original and unique that doesn’t have many thousands of competitors.


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