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Buyers Who Leave Out Information Until After the Delivery


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Why is it that buyers who seem to know what they want, don’t tell you until after you deliver the product? This buyer told me they wanted an article on bathroom renovation ideas. I wrote a really nice article and even included a couple of stylish images, free of charge. I delivered it to them this afternoon and a few hours later they send it back for revision.

They want a bunch of changes (the topic of the article is bathroom renovation, but they want it from the perspective of design/space planning), something that was never mentioned previously. I would have to basically rewrite half the article to incorporate their changes. And they didn’t like the images I chose and will send me some.

Why do they do this? I even tell buyers in the instructions to give me as much information as possible to avoid revisions because it creates unnecessary work.

I’m trying to think of a nice way to tell them that these changes should have been part of the original instructions, not added later. I could have written it from this perspective from the beginning had I known.

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Either the buyer tried to get additional work for free, or it was one of those cases where they " got a new idea after seeing the delivered work" type of stuff. It does happen every now and then.

You should honestly tell them that since he/she asked for something that was not included in the original message ( and you had to make a lot of changes because of that) you will charge extra.
You should add that in your gig description too.

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