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Buyer completed an express order, gave 5* review, and cancelled


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Really unhappy that a buyer ‘***********’ completed a custom order which was express delivery and then cancelled??? I went above and beyond with extra revisions and they also knew I was finalising the last edit at midnight. The order was marked as COMPLETED.

I wake up this morning to find that it’s been cancelled and they got funds back. Which means they have my work, didn’t pay, and I’ve done it all for nothing.

They then also blocked me so I can’t even contact them to reach any sort of resolution or communicate as to what happened.

Extremely disappointed that this is even possible for buyers to do.

Is this a regular occurrence and if so, what are the odds of getting any renumeration for my work by Fiverr?

I have reported this ‘Buyer’.

Mod Note: Username removed.

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Hello @allisoncruise

This is extremely rare and haven’t happened to me or any of the sellers I know.

Reading through, I can make out that the order was mark as complete by the buyer. Please note, neither buyers nor sellers can cancel the order by themselves. For a seller to cancel a order, a cancellation request has to be created by visiting ‘resolution section’ on the order page. Once the buyer accepts the request, the order gets cancelled. Similarly, if the buyer wishes to cancel the order, a cancellation request has to be created, and unless you, the seller approves it, the order cannot get cancelled.

Their is a exception here. If the order is late 24 hours or more, buyers can cancel the order from their side and it won’t require your approval.

So you see, in your case, the order is cancelled by the support team. You can create a support request with Fiverr Customer Support team, and ask them the reason for cancellation.

To create a support request, visit this link: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new

Keep us posted.


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Sorry to hear. Sadly yes it does happen a bit.

Was there any feedback or warning from the client?
Was the work at least as good as your portfolio (you have one right)?

Would I be right in assuming that your gig has promises like Endless Revisions, Money Back Guarantee, or 100% Satisfaction?

If so, that is why they hired you because they knew they could get away without paying. CS can’t stop them if you put “exit clauses” like that.

I would even bet they are a reseller, as in they bought this job for more than they hired you for and now get a 100% profit. Might be worth looking for the work in a week or so and then letting CS know and/or getting google to issue a take down seeing it is now stolen work. If it is a secondary client they may well fight it and win but at least it puts pressure on everyone who supports that vile game.


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Hello. We often see similar posts. However, considering that people usually only come to the forum because something has gone wrong - it’s difficult to get an accurate picture of how common the issue is. In other words, it’s very easy to form a picture from the forum that Fiverr is a snake pit - it’s really not.

All I can say is that out of about 800 orders I’ve only had one similar experience - and that was four or so years ago. In my case the buyer disputed the quality of my delivered work and wanted a cancellation. Customer support backed me on this occasion.

Scammers do tend to be attracted to newer sellers - I’m guessing because they think the seller will be more willing to please and be naive. I’ve had a glance at your gigs and to me they look quite watertight with no silly promises. Just remember that buyers don’t have to make contact before placing an order.

So yes, what’s happened to you does happen. But if you need reassurance, take some hope from my story. One issue in 800 orders, and customer support backed me - ensuring I kept my earnings.

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