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What should I do once he wants to get my number?


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It’s against TOS to use outside forms of communication. The buyer should have no problem submitting the files through Fiverr’s file share section on the order page (as well as through Dropbox I believe if the file size is too high). Don’t give out your e-mail, or any personal information such as usernames to other social media sites, as you can be banned from Fiverr for doing so.

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Say nicely, that you need to keep all communication and sharing of assets on this platform (Dropbox link if his thing is too big).

If he still pushes remind him of the TOS.

If he is rude show it to CS and if you are no longer happy to work with him (as I think is fair by then) look to Cancel the job as no good will come from such a person once they pushed your boundaries so deliberately.

I spent time with another fellow recently who went off-platform and got scammed. CS could not help him. Like I said there you are like a Soldier, you not only have to shoot the enemy but you have to not get yourself shot. This is a case of someone wanting to draw you out so they can shoot you. It may be because they are clueless or because they want to scam you. Either way, do the wise things and stay professional.

Whatever you might think you lose by being professional is way less than you will lose if you are not


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