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Please give me the right advice


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Farhana_maliha: I will do best quality product photo editing in photoshop for...

For only $5, Farhana_maliha will do best quality product photo editing in photoshop. | Hi there ,I'm a professional and creative Graphic Designer. Providing high-quality work on time.I am happy to offer you my technical knowledge and expertise of |...

Hello everyone… this is my 2nd gig. I did my first work and got 5-star feedback from the buyer a few days ago. I want to rank my gig and get more orders to complete. Please help me to rank my gig, click on the link and also share your advice about this. Thanks.

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Same advice as in your other threads.

So many newbies are being taken advantage of here on Fiverr by a small minority of predatory “buyers”. This is my take on how to protect yourself, thereby reducing the chances of a cancellation or negative review.
Special shout out to @melissaharlowvo for the buyer requirements section. Enjoy!

and: fiverr.com/support/articles/360016244757-Gig-Images-Dos-and-Donts

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