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Compensation for Chargebacks?


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Hey all, I received a notification that a Completed order was cancelled and funds returned to the buyer, even though the buyer left a 5-star review. The email states ‘Your order was canceled due to a dispute initiated by the buyer and/or their issuing bank’. However, I also received a 2nd email stating that the order was cancelled since I missed the delivery deadline, which is incorrect, and I made it clear to CS the time that the order was placed, and the time it was delivered to prove I made the delivery deadline, this can be seen clearly on the order page too.

Fiverr Support replied saying ‘I can see that it was canceled due to a payment chargeback filed outside of Fiverr by the buyer’, but that they were not able to provide compensation since I didn’t deliver the work as agreed. I suspect this is because of the Late Delivery email I received, although I have made it clear that I delivered on time and CS even stated ‘To clarify, the order was completed in a timely manner’.

I do not believe I did anything wrong, and I delivered the work on time, in accordance with my gig description and the buyers expectations. I’m a little confused since I have had a chargeback compensated by Fiverr before. I don’t wish to sound entitled, but want to understand what the issue is.

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Hello @glastudios

A similar incident happened with my friend who sells Web and Mobile Programming services here on Fiverr. The order was delivered on time and according to the buyer requirements but the client was a little unsatisfied for no reason and wrote a negative review. A week after, a chargeback was filed by the buyer’s bank and Fiverr cancelled the order. The buyer’s review was also removed automatically.

When my buddy reached out to support they stated the same thing that work wasn’t delivered as agreed but that’s incorrect. So maybe this is a loophole and some buyers take advantage of it. They place a order, get the delivery and file for a refund from their bank and eventually get their money back.

I believe, we should move on and let karma do the work. These instances are rare but they do occur.

Thanks and regards,

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