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Sellers mark as complete before completion


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How can sellers mark orders as complete, collect customer’s money when the order has not even started?

Too many sellers mark gig as completed… and have the nerve to ask for a positive review with some extra service added in to entice a customer to leave a good comment when nothing has been done.

If this is allowed then customers should be able to change their feedback too…

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This is the first time I post something here in Fiverr. I have a buyer that bought 2 of my gigs and ordered a 3rd one. I asked him gently to mark the first 2 as complete before me start working on the 3rd one.

Is that a bad thing to do?

I’m afraid I work on the 3rd one and he filed a dispute or chargeback or mark order as incomplete or something like that and all my work its lost (I take about 1 hour to 2 per Gig).

Please advice.

Thank you,

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