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How To Handle A Customer That Wants Everything For Free


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Hello everyone,

I noticed many sellers complaining about buyers wanting everything for free. I have a very easy and quick solution to this problem.

  1. Stand your ground on pricing. Just because a person ask you for more work than whats advertised on your gig doesn’t mean you bow down and do extra work for free. Always remember to be professional and extra courteous to all potential & current customers. 99% of the time a customer wants me to give them full color in their logo design for free and I always advise them to go back and fully read the entire gig details to ensure we are a good fit. We do not work hours upon hours for just $5, that is why we offer extras for add ons. If the revision is caused by your own fault, then yes, you should really man up to your mistakes and provide excellent service.

  2. Your customers will respect you with your professionalism and organized business skills. I pick and choose my projects and customers. I have many people emailing everyday asking for free work or free extras, I advise every single customer to my gig details. My work, my designs, my services all speak for themselves. Please go read my reviews 🙂

  3. Make sure your gig provides very detailed information. This can help reduce complaining and “Spam Customers”.

  4. You as a Seller/Business should really stop complaining and start focusing on providing Excellent services, Excellent work and Excellent ratings.

  5. If your work is not top-notch and does not provide high quality, please try to learn and educate yourself everyday so you can become an Expert! Never give up!

    These are some of my Tips on how to help run your successful Fiverr Business!

    Visit my gigs and see why I have a 100% Rating from my customers! http://www.fiverr.com/sebastianmedia/
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Thanks for the great tips! I think these are all very important to remember–especially remaining professional. We do come and complain on the forum a lot, and I think that is partially (at least for me) to help us stay professional when actually speaking with difficult clients.

These will definitely help weed out most difficult buyers, but I’d also add that if someone is just relentless with their requests (once they’ve bought a gig, for example, and are demanding special treatment or modification after modification), don’t be afraid to contact Customer Support!

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Also I always put a disclaimer when delivered of jobs done. Once accepted the final project, anything that want to edit or amend, will be counted a fresh order. This way it will eliminate buyers who constantly changing of mind and want the whole world for $5. Yes we are professionals, and we do choose customers to deal with too.

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