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I'm a first seller


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  1. Active Fiverr

False. My current Fiverr client contacted me at 3am my time for the job I’m doing for them now. I was not online, and I didn’t need to be to find work.

  1. Active Forum

False. There are no magical buyer fairies on the forum. 99% of users are sellers, and Fiverr and the forum are completely separate platforms. Activity here has no impact on your gigs. The advantage of the forums is to read the experiences of those who have gone before, not to post bad advice incessantly.

  1. Share your Gig Social Media

False. I’ve never advertised and in the two months I started freelancing on both Fiverr and Upwork, I’ve made well over $1000 combined in that time (which is a small component of my freelancing income).

Of the two jobs I’ve landed on Fiverr, neither came from buyer requests.

Thanks for your helpful tips.

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