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Even though I have seven gigs on Fiber, I can't get any orders


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It seems like you are looking for a trick that will secure your sales. Fiverr is not like that. There are no tricks. You need to offer something of professional quality and present your gig in a way that utilizes effective marketing techniques.

I will say the same thing I say to other new sellers: Go read a book. Preferably a textbook on marketing and communication. Take notes. Think about how the concepts apply to your Fiverr gigs.

We are not going to spoon-feed you information. You are responsible for your own success and learning.

(Also, learning how to fact-check your sources would also be beneficial, I think)

That’s right. You are right. I know this is a very deep matter. No one can say the right thing about the Fiverr. This is totally unpredictable.

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The number of gigs one has doesn’t really matter if all the gigs are created poorly and are in categories that are over-saturated with fierce competition.

There are no guarantees of success for any business, and freelancing on Fiverr is no exception.

The single most critical aspect of selling on Fiverr is one’s gig page, as that is basically your store display, pricing catalog, terms of service, and contact and ordering desk all in one. Poor or flawed gig pages are the equivalent of poorly maintained or sloppy looking stores, immediately offputting to potential buyers. No one has a perfect gig page, so there is always something to improve upon.

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