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New member on Fiverr; My name is Ojaswi


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Hello everyone,

This is Ojaswi. I’m new to Fiverr and would like to start my Freelance journey. I read some topics on Forum and it looks very interesting to interact with you all.

I’m a digital artist who is specialized in Mandalas. I do digital art and paintings. My first gig is about helping you get beautiful digital designs and patterns for all kinds of purposes.

I’m trying my best to improve and get well acquainted with this platform as soon as I can. Would love to hear your tips for a newbie.

Hoping to start a successful journey soon.

Thank you.

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Greetings from the Fiverr community world forum. Make your gig title catchy, and describe your gigs with your own creative sentences. And finally, use tag appropriately. Good luck. Thanks 🖐️

Thank you for tips and useful information. I’ll try my best to follow them.

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Hello @ojaswirao Welcome to Fiverr ❤️

Here some tips for you:

  • Create your gig by doing proper research
  • Send buyer request regularly
  • Focus on your work
  • Be honest
  • keep patient

Also, Check this out: New Sellers …. The True Way to Success!

Thank you so much for the tips. I’ll try to focus more on research and buyer requests. I know hardwork is the key to success. Hoping for better times ahead.

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