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Writers, how to make word count automatically change the package?


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Hello, Fiverr community!

I am trying to make my Fiverr gig automatically change the delivery time depending on word count.
I have 3 packages: basic from 1000-3000 words, standard from 3000-10000 words, and premium from 10000-15000 words.

The problem is that a buyer can order 10000 words on the basic package with only 1 day delivery time. How can I change this so that the package changes depending on the word count?
This is my gig link so you can check out what I’m talking about!

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This is over a year later, but... yeah, same. I'm starting to think that there isn't a way to do it. What's strange is, looking some of the more successful proofreaders/editors on Fiverr, they seem to have a variable word count field, but their listed delivery time stays the same no matter what's entered. I don't understand how that works...

If anyone has any insights, I'd love to hear them. 

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