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How do revisions really work?

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Been of Fiverr for some time now but I never really understood all of the features on here.
Lately I’ve been put in a difficult spot by two buyers so I’d like to better understand how revisions actually work?

So I know I can essentially “include” revision with the orders and add revisions as purchasable extras to the gigs. But I’ve realized that none of that really matters does it? I can bring two orders into comparison - one with included revisions and one with no revisions included and upon revision requests there’s no difference to the system whether there is an included revision or not. So what’s the point to include it in the place, what difference does it make when the system expects me to deliver revisions either way?

Also in a hypothetical situation where the buyer requests a revision and declines to state what they want modified, just expects me to deliver completely new work made from scratch multiple times (and being really rude about everything the whole time), am I just expected to go through with that every time?

All thoughts on this are appreciated

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I have wondered the same as you!

Out of principle I do not offer revisions as I think it would send the wrong message to my buyers. As a proofreader, mine is a factual service - grammar and spelling is either right or wrong. As long as I do my job correctly, there can be no reason for a revision request.

However, if I did offer revisions, no matter how accurate my work, I’m sure there would be some people who will want to use those revision just because they’re there and technically they’ve paid for them! I don’t want to invite unnecessary trouble.

Having said that, I do also understand how with creative services - such as artwork, design, voiceover, etc - having the option of say two revisions might give confidence to the buyer that they can tweak the work if it’s not quite what they were expecting.

But you’re right, whether a seller offers revisions or not, a buyer can still request changes. All very odd.

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