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Seller offer for my buyer request - And it's creepy


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Well, at least it sounds as if they may have read your BR and tried to respond in an err ah, personal way.

I do think that calling you “beautiful” and talking about how he just loves Asians for their cuteness and young faces (sounds a bit pedophile like to me) crosses boundaries and is NOT professional at all. I never make passes or comment on someone’s appearance in messages here, it is just weird.

I agree, it is a bit creepy, and their name sounds like one of those names some catfish/scammer uses on Facebook to lure unsuspecting widows and single women into relationships where they are either divorced or widowed and have a child; or the wife had a terrible accident or died of a terminal disease; they have 1million tied up in some project and the government won’t let them have it as they are in a foreign land; they are working on an oil rig in Afghanistan or with Drs without Borders… you get the gist - totally fake name to me, and that would be enough besides the not so subtle hit on you to probably go with someone who is more professional and has some boundaries!


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