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Conversion rate,Low conversion rate


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Hey There!
i joined fiverr 3 months ago and i got a great response and now Alhamdulillah my gig is on the first page of fiverr video editing services.
But i am in a little trouble.
Some one told me that if my conversion rate is less than 5% then my fiverr gig will slowly start falling and will lose all his strength.
So as my gig is one the first page i get messages from 5 to 8 clients daily but i choose non of them. I work with only 4 clients in a week. as my i am also a college student so i cant work to much. So due to this my conversion rate is 0.17%.
can anyone guide me that should i worry about this or is it okey to not consider conversion rate to much.
And also i am willing to make friend from all over the world to share my ideas and to get some from them.

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I would relax about it.

You won’t be on the first page forever, either.

When Fiverr rotates Gigs, yours will move to make room for someone else.

If you are getting good job figures at this point, that’s great.

It will taper off, though.

Be prepared for that.

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