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Gig Ranked On Last Pages No Orders!


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Hello Community,

Hope you are doing well, I am level 2 seller on fiverr (blessed) my gig was ranked on 3rd to 4th page I don’t know what happened, I lost my ranking now my gig is showing on 12th page and not getting any order really disappointed I don’t know what should I do need your suggestions how can I improve my ranking even I am doing social media marketing regularly but still no orders 😞

Thank you for you time!

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It’s called Gig Rotation.

Fiverr rotates all Gigs to make it fair for everyone here.

You can’t always expect to be on the first page.

Besides, this is not Google.

Fiverr works differently as there is no real ranking system.

It means fiverr will rotate again and I will get back my ranking after sometime?

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Fiverr will rotate and keep rotating Gigs.

You will eventually see some more activity on your Gigs.

I wouldn’t expect to be on Page One again, but who knows?

Remember, this is not Google.

Buyers search for Sellers using many different methods.

Some will scroll through all the Gigs in a category looking for the “right” one.

So…being on the first page of a search term isn’t really all the important here if you think about it.

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