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FEATURE REQUEST!: "SHORTLIST" button to help SIMPLIFY the "manage offers" page!


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FEATURE REQUEST!!!: “SHORTLIST” button to help SIMPLIFY the “manage offers” page.

Today I got between 60-70 responses to a job post, and most of them were crap (autoresponders or just mindless). CURRENTLY, you, Fiverr have ONLY a “DELETE” button…BUT INSTEAD THIS IS MUCH BETTER LOGIC, AS FOLLOWS:

Change the “DELETE” to “HIDE”, and more importantly: add a “SHORTLIST” button which will put our FAVE freelancers into a “SHORTLIST” (and then of course give a dropdown near the top to show ONLY “Shortlist”.

This will DRAMATICALLY increase your REVENUE by making Project Managers like me worldwide want to choose YOU instead of the other 5 big freelance sites. Cuz currently it’s impossible to manage offers lol. USE MY LOGIC. Thanks.

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