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Unable to get orders inspite of submitting many offers to many buyer requests

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Please help me get at least 1 order to show I am active in Fiverr…I have submitted offers to 86 Buyer Requests to date but unable to receive even 1 offer to date…

Screenshot (61)1366×768 143 KB

Please help me what can I do to get at least 1 order so that my Fiverr profile get active…
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You cannot and should not try to get Pity Sales or any other sort of sale that is “purchased”. It can get you banned.

If your gig is not selling, it is simply not the right offer or the right offer for this place.

Besides, this idea that if you just have one 5-star review you will have work flood in is false. It helps to show previous sales, but if someone wants what you have they will buy regardless, so long as what you have is special, different.

  • Make your Gig offer more about what you do than seeming to beg from people.
  • Sell something that doesn’t have thousands of other people offering exactly the same (usually from using a free online service).
  • Stop showing off-Fiverr contact (Instaham etc) that as that is a guaranteed Warning or Ban. Not to mention, good buyers know this so will avoid you seeing you show that you do not play by the rules either because you are clueless or dishonest.


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