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How can I get 1st order in fiverr? have any Secret system?


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NO. There is NO secret system, secret tips or backdoor you can walk through to become a success here.

Think about it: even IF there were, why would another seller let you, a stranger, in on it? If someone figured out the secret code to how the site works to be successful and get multiple orders a day, they would probably keep that to themselves, right?

You just joined Fiverr, and contrary to whatever the YouTube, blog or FB guru told you, there are no shortcuts to success or getting that first order on Fiverr.

You may want to spend some time reading more than 35 min of the forum instead of just looking for the get rich quick solutions. They don’t exist.


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Read this one, might help

If you want more orders, here’s what you need to do: You need to research, understand, and reach out to your target customers. You need to Study, Understand, and Connect. The only people who will hire you, are the people who need your services. So, if you want them to hire you, you need to understand who they are, what they like, and and what they need. Then, you need to determine how your valuable skills can solve their needs. I’ll say that again – THEIR NEEDS, not your needs – not what you wa…
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