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Want to delete fiverr account


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i want to delete my fiverr account because i want to change my track from graphic design ( i havent done any work yet)
to digital marketing…main cause is that i got a warning from fiverr and my response rate gone 0 hours…so i want to create a new account (same wifi and same computer) with digital marketing gig…is this possible? or should i go with same current account? please help me with full details…thank you

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Well technically you can have 2-5-10 accounts infinite even.

You need to have separate new computer, separate internet, separate mobile phone and SIM and separate ID and bank data and also the ID owner person should be on stand by in case for verification.

But, BUT everything above is illegal and against TOS.

Even what you want to do is also against TOS.

You can’t delete your account and start over in same computer with same ID unless customer support gives you permission.

If you try to do it without them eventually you could lose your account.

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

You can go with the new account, just simply delete this one, Set up windows on your PC and start fresh

Why are you giving this guy incorrect information?

You are only allowed to have ONE account on Fiverr. The only way you can have a “NEW” account is if customer service allows it, and most of the time that does not occur.

This guy wants to change his account because he got a warning on this account and also his response rate is in the tank. Sounds like he wants to game the system in order to hopefully “start over”. That is not how it works.

If you want to create Gigs in a totally different niche, do that on the account you have NOW. NO, you cannot make a new account because you messed up, got a TOS warning, a bad review or you change your mind about your screen name.

Do not give out information when you are clearly wrong. Have you read the TOS? I doubt it.


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