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Why i did not get any order in fiver


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I opened my Fiber account 2 years ago, but I was disappointed not to get any order on Fiber and I haven’t logged in to Fiber for over 1 year. Recently I logged in again with that ID. But the same result I did not get any order, I gave a lot of buyer requests. So all my friends in my Fiber forum want to check my account and find out my mistake, how do I get a new order

favicon-32x32.png.77cba034ccbba1cc8cc5d32c28358437.png Fiverr.com 7cbb09d1-5848-4759-94c4-ff767625ec62.jpg.46746dc64774e46090030778d039a52d.jpg

mdbillalkhan470's public profile on Fiverr

Hi,I am Billalkhan470I am Professional dedicated Photoshop Expert in REMOVING BACKGROUND & Changing Backgrounds to White or Transparent PNG in Photoshop.Please contact me before order my gig. Because your satisfaction is my first priority....

then my favorite gig

favicon-32x32.png.77cba034ccbba1cc8cc5d32c28358437.png Fiverr.com

Mdbillalkhan470: I will do any background removing within 24 hours for $5 on...

For only $5, Mdbillalkhan470 will do any background removing within 24 hours. | Unlimited revision I am Professional dedicatedPhotoshopExpert inREMOVING BACKGROUND& ChangingBackgrounds toWhiteor TransparentPNGin Photoshop.Quickly remove images...


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i did not any order yet

please find out my mistake gig and anything, now i already mistake my response rate , but it’s good that my impression is increasing day by day ,not click .

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You have a Gig that is in a category that is overly saturated with sellers and NEW ones joining daily. Add to that, you started your Gig 2 years ago and then abandoned it due to poor performance then. So, I would imagine it may be even more difficult for you to get some traction and orders. Perhaps Fiverr feels you didn’t really take your Gig seriously and thus, your Gig would suffer. But, I think it has more to do with the service you offer - it seems ALL new sellers come here offering Gigs in:

*PhotoShop editing/background removal
*Virtual Assistant
*Data Entry
*Logo making
*Drop shipping sites or pages

There are probably some I cannot think of now, but, the above are the most populated - and especially populated by the new sellers who come on board, offering the SAME thing that literally 1000’s of other sellers are offering. Yawn. 🥱

This is why you have to find a way to make your Gig stand out and catch a potential buyer’s eye. That is going to be difficult in the category you chose.


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