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Fiverr Gigs not well ranked despite performance


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Hello there, I really need advise on what to do. Previously, my Profile performance on Fiverr was bad which led to me being demoted from seller one to new seller. Also, I wasn’t getting orders, messages, and clicks like before. This grew worse and resulted to me not getting any order for like a month and some weeks.
Now, my performance is back to normal (all green), that is 100% like the way it used to be before. However, I’m still yet to get improvement in my Gig interns of impression, clicks as well as getting orders. Mind you, I’m back to being a seller one now. I even went ahead in creating 2 extra Gigs.
I’m really worried as I kind of depend on fiver for the time being as my source of revenue. Please, kindly advise on what to do. I’ll really appreciate your advise and opinion.

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