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Hi everyone 🙂 I need some advice


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Hi everyone 🙂
I need some advice.
I completed my order recently and now I want to showcase the work in my portfolio.

  1. I could not find “live portfolio” option on the left side of my profile to add that work images.
  2. I also read somewhere on fiverr that we need permission of the buyer to display that completed work.
  3. The “buyer” is given an option (at the time of review) whether he/she wishes to allow the display of that completed work or not.

Sorry guys, I’m troubling you with this silly question but I really want to display that completed order in my gig gallery. It’s not much but at least something with 5 stars so, …you can understand.


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When you deliver your task, then there will a preview image showing there, When buyer accept the delivery and click check this Preview image then it will appear on your Gig as a done job like your portfolio.

thanks for the reply bro but dont know what the buyer did; my completed work is not showing up in my portfolio.

what should i do?

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