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Gig stats zeroed out after editing gig info?


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Hi fellow Fiverrers! 🙂

I have a question. I created a gig about a week ago (making personalized Facebook Timeline covers) that took off from the very start and started showing ‘crazy’ impressions, views and clicks in my gig stats, and I had 3 orders one right after another - I thought that was pretty awesome for a brand new gig! When I checked my gig stats last time (a couple of days ago) it showed over 150K impressions “from Fiverr”, over 300 views, over 200 clicks, and 3 completed orders…

I then edited the gig description to clarify my offer and make it clear what people would get as a basic $5 gig and what options are offered as “gig extras”… And now I’ve discovered that my gig stats have been completely zeroed out - it shows 0 impressions, 0 views and 0 clicks, and N/A for “conversion rate”.

What happened?? Is this because I edited the gig info and description? Was I ‘penalized’ for something? Does this mean that my gig was ‘sandboxed’ or something like that? Why all the “Fiverr luv” at first, and “we don’t know you” now? (sniff)


P.S. Here’s the gig in question:


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Guest celticmoon

I don’t believe that number (impressions from Fiverr). It can be nonsensical at times. I made a new gig the day before yesterday (no sales from it yet) & it says 89 thousand impressions from Fiverr, yet only 50-something page views. And the gigs which had sales in the last 30 days have impressions in the hundreds and low thousands. The disparity makes no sense to me. And sometimes all the numbers are whacky, like all 0’s, yet I had sales in the previous 30 days. So I don’t even look at those anymore, to be honest. I’m sure a techie person could explain why that happens.

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