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What if the client do revisions and delays to provide the instructions


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Hello, I am facing and experience with some buyers, which I must say isn’t good. Buyers place an order but after completing what they want and deliver to them, the put the order in revision and then disappears for weeks, may be there are some sellers who know this.

Questions is, if the order gets late, ridiculously late, whose fault is this, is there any good solution to this?


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Simple Solution: Request a delivery extension.

If your Gig states that you offer “unlimited revisions” then you set yourself up for this kind of abuse.

Delete any mention of “unlimited revisions” or “100% customer satisfaction” and tighten up your delivery timeline.

Be sure to confirm with the Buyer (once an order is placed) that your delivery time is X days and that revisions must be completed within that time frame.

Also…keep in mind that regardless of what you do to clean this up, there will be Buyers who don’t read your details or don’t care about your requirements.

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