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I'm owing fiverr!


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A buyer placed an order, after completion and I had withdrawn the money, the order was canceled and money returned to seller.

Now, every order I complete, the money is taken by fiverr until it satisfies the amount.

That’s not a problem.

The problem is, there is no way I can see this outstanding debt to know how much I am still owing. That’d help me keep things in perspective.

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Well, how much was the order that got cancelled?

All you would do is take the cancelled order amount (gross) and every order you get, subtract whatever the gross amount of that order is. I am sure there may be a negative whatever on your dashboard as far as earnings, right? If not, you can still use the above to figure out how much you still owe.

When I first read your topic subject line I read it as, “I’m OWNING Fiverr!!” 😆

I guess Fiverr is owning you until you repay this outstanding debt!


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