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My first month on Fiverr and now Level 1


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Reply to @yo_lyn: Hello

Thank you for your congratulations. My modest for you if you accept biensure advice:

  1. Buyers see first image that reflects your Gig. Those lying on the photo representing your Gig are images of expression but not logo.

  2. We need to review your description. Most on Fiverr want to know what you will offer them for $ 5. Must be clear and precise.

  3. Try to share your Gig on social networks and forums.
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Congrats. I started 2 months ago and got to level 1 in first month, level 2 in second month. Your tips are spot on! Although I personally don’t share my works on social media as I keep my business work separate.

One thing I have noticed is that if you retain a high level of customer service, you’ll be flying. Don’t have gigs at 2 days when you need 3 days to do them etc.

Also, keep in contact with clients - they have ordered your gig because they like what you do. Let them know of any issues along the way.

Best of luck to you!

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