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front end web designing


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Scientistemam: I will front end web designing anyhow structure only 30...

For only $50, Scientistemam will front end web designing anyhow structure only 30 minutes. | Welcome to omoewp instituteYou can make this design as you wish ... !!!In other words, it will be made as you say.Moreover, this design can | Fiverr

anyhow structure only 30 minutes.

That line makes absolutely NO sense.

Your Gig image has misspellings.

All the !!! in your Gig description look unprofessional.

Your line: …I am very very happy…! . has NOTHING to do with what you can do for someone and their website.

The next line:

“Because, I create in anyhow web all structure only 30 minite to 7 hours and fronting anyhow Webdesign same to same create InshaAllha …!!! Fronting Webdesign is not mater for me …!!!”

Makes NO sense - at least, in English, the language that is mainly used on this site and what buyers here mainly will be speaking.

I also would not bring your God into this or any religion - you are on a platform with people who are of all sorts of faiths and some with no faith at all. The line “God willing” may be a turn off to some.

You need to improve on your English skills for sure.

At least you are not offering unlimited revisions and 100% money back guarantee. 😸


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