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Active online but not show my gig


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Well #1 being active on Fiverr is not related to anything It is achieving nothing (but waste time and run up your ISP bill). It is a false tip, go shout at whoever gave such stupid advice - and probably the foolish people who will blindly post it again below.

#2 You DO NOT own a spot in search rankings. Search results, the pages they create on the fly, are not static things. They change all the time, based on Fiverr’s Search Algorithm. This is a lot like Google’s Algo and equally as secret.

Seeing there may be 10,000 gigs vying to be shown for any one Search request (esp for the poor person who typed in “Logo”) no single Gig can, or should, be shown every time. The more successful a Gig is at matching the buyer’s search terms and its history of success, the more likely it is to be offered. The converse is true also. It all makes sense for a bot trying to help people get what they want.

Rather than wasting time searching for yourself, put time into improving your Craft - getting better at the thing you do and selling the thing you do using Text.


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