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Milestones Update!


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Ever since we launched Milestones, our sellers have been using it to keep their large projects more efficient and organized. As one of our most highly-used features, we decided it deserved a makeover – and we’re very excited to announce a new and improved version.


  1. Get paid after each milestone - no need to wait until you finish the whole project.
  2. Get approval each step of the way to increase alignment and reduce delays.
  3. Split your project - up to 6 sections (and payments)!

For more detailed descriptions of the new milestone features, check out the help center document here: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010560178-Working-with-Milestones?segment=seller

Care to share your experience with milestones? Tell us how you usually use milestones and how it helps you get projects delivered. Comment with your thoughts and ideas below!

This update was much needed.

Split your project - up to 6 sections (and payments)!

Can Fiverr reduce the no. of days of accepting the milestone or asking for revisions(8 days are a lot more than needed)? @mjensen415

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I not only agree with these changes, I would add they’re similar to what I’ve been doing already. Most of my projects are very long (full-size fiction and non-fiction books), and there are numerous benefits to splitting up these large projects into smaller installments. The problem with milestones was that you could not get paid as you go, so it defeated at least part of the purpose for having them. So I started dividing my large projects into smaller individual gigs, which is essentially what this new change does. There are numerous reasons why this is the way to go. Not only can we get paid as we go as sellers, but the process is more collaborative. While you move into subsequent gigs (or in this case milestones) the buyer can be requesting changes to the earlier one, keeping the project moving along quickly. It also ensures what’s being done aligns with the buyer’s vision, as well. So, I completely agree with this new change. A long time ago I said there’s literally no sense using milestones–because funds can’t be dispersed (from completed milestones) until the whole project is complete. That means I can’t use something like that. It just doesn’t work on longer projects that sometimes take months to complete. I used milestones one time before I knew any better and learned my lesson; however, with these new changes I am sure to use them again. I can’t describe how happy this makes me to see. Bravo Fiverr on making these much-needed changes.

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Fiverr should introduce hourly basis payment

That’s an interesting idea that would work for some niches. Editors, voice over, etc. all do hourly rates (or some of them). That wouldn’t work for me as a ghostwriter, but I could see it working for certain other sellers. Absolutely.

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