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I Need Help from Artist/Photographer/Designers


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I am Dev, A young Boy and New freelance artist from INDIA.

and I need help from artist/photographer/Designers.

Actually I am totally confuse , As I told you that I am new artist, I feel that I am selling my work in very wrong ways.

Some buyer inform me (Some time I ask them) that they want to use my work personally, so i draw for them.

But some want to use my work commercially and some want for reselling…

so What does mean and different between using work commercial and for resell?? ( will you please provide some examples??)

Should I do charge extra for this type of deals??( If yes so how much?? what is market price??)

Is there need of some legal paper work for sell in commercial & resell?? (If yes, so How to do these paper work Online on fiverr with buyer in another Country?)

I see some artist provide permission letter with work, so Providing permission letter is the way of avoiding legal paper work on the net??? (If yes, So how I do this?, I need any lawyer for create permission letter?)

I can discuss with you in personally in Fiverr/Facebook.

Please help me.


Dev 🙂

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Guest celticmoon

I guess you missed this part of the Terms of Service when you signed up for Fiverr:

…unless clearly stated otherwise in the Gig description text, when the work is delivered, the buyer is granted all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyrights for the work delivered from the seller and the seller waives any and all moral rights therein.

If you want to sell your work for personal use only, you have to state that in your gig description. By saying nothing, you transfer all rights, which includes the right to resell it or for commercial use, to the buyer per Fiverr’s rules. If your buyer wants to use it commercially or to resell it, you can license your work to them by charging more. But whatever you do, STATE IT CLEARLY IN YOUR GIG DESCRIPTION.

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Hello celticmoon 🙂

Thank you so much for your reply.

I clearly state that I have copyright of my work and given you permission for use my work unlimited in specific area only.

But I have one more question…

(I want if buyer buy a art work for personal use, so do not want him to use same art work for commercial use or any other type of use like advertising, printing etc.)

Is it enough to send a copy of my written/typed permission letter on my letter head page (instead of License) along with art work to buyer??

I can mention all thing in permission letter about my art work details, copyright ownership and list of what things buyers can do and cannot do with my art works.??

Thanks & Regards


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