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Gig editing and gig position changing problem


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Hello guys,
I am Mirza Shakil, a level one seller on Fiverr…
< https://www.fiverr.com/share/3bq4oA >
This is one of the best gigs on my account, I get orders every day on this gig, 15 days ago,
I have just edited and change the thumbnail of this gig, so that, It will look more attractive and eye-catching, My gig was on the First page in “Mascot logo”, “Esports logo”, “Twitch logo” keyword, I am also running a “Gigs promotion service” on this gig, I have never got any bad review or bad impression on this gig, even my most of the buyer always give me a 5-star rating, a great review, and dollar tips, but suddenly after I edited my gig, the gig position was instantly changed 1st page to 4th / 5th page, My gig impression is decreasing day by day 10k to 1.7k, I am getting small orders every day from the social media but my gig position is still not moving, now is there any way to fix it or how would I fix it? I badly need help from experts.

Please check out my gig and tell me is there any problem with my gig or everything is perfect.

favicon-32x32.png.f6bac2f290b7003365fd0b81bcb5bdea.png Fiverr.com

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