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Got order after more than a month

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One of my orders was canceled by support at the end of January. After that I didn’t receive orders from new clients. Even the level badge couldn’t help.

After sending lots of Buyer requests I got an order 3 days ago and completed it with a 5-star rating. :star_struck:

Though I lost my Level 1 badge this month hopefully I’ll get it back next month. 🙂
Wish me luck! ✌️

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Actually i am new here…so i Don’t understand anything… Soo please tell me how can i work??

#Bangladesh ❤️

You’ll find lots of videos on youtube. Which field are you working in?

First arrange your profile. After that create Gigs on your service. Then send buyer requests regularly.

To create a gig follow the link I’ve sent or search online ‘How to create a gig on Fiverr’

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