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The path from coronavirus depression to level 1 seller


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I want to share my experience and tell my story of progressing to level 1.

During the quarantine, I got the idea to show my drawings to people and find people who would appreciate my skill. In June 2020, I signed up for a fiverr, and immediately made my first gig.

I pinned a lot of hopes on him, stopped by every day, but unfortunately, since I was a novice, people were afraid to buy from me, as from an unverified seller. I edited my gig several times, created another one where I provided all the maximum services that could be combined into one. And waited … I waited a long time, even a little desperate, and no longer expected any orders. when suddenly going to the fiverr saw a message. It was impossible to imagine my joy at this message.

I tried to answer the questions as politely and in detail as possible, and get the client and his order. But he did not answer me the next day. And one day later he didn’t answer either. I didn’t expect anything, but a week later I saw the answer! Yes! I had my first order. I was so happy, that I made a big discount, and tried as if I was making a drawing on which all life on Earth depends. My first order was successful!

I got five stars and a short but positive comment. And it would seem that the ice has broken, but not everything is so simple … in the transmission I again had 2 difficult months of silence. People came to my gig, looked, but did not order. too few reviews. But as usual, miracles happen during Christmas and New Years! Or all the other popular sellers were overwhelmed with orders, and my gig was noticed and this is where my story begins to be successful.

During the holidays, customers wanted fast delivery, good quality and not expensive prices. I had all this. And they started ordering from me. 3 orders every week for a month. I drew express drawing even on New Year’s Evening. But these efforts were worth it! after the holidays, the flow of customers slightly decreased. I had stable 2 orders per week. sometimes they were orders for 5, and sometimes for 30. But I have never refused cheap drawings, as I worked for the rating and my reputation. That’s what’s important for a beginner.

Over time, the number of orders per week began to grow. Now I have 4-6 orders per week. some of them are large and long-term, some of them are delivered in 1 day. And so, I waited for the day when the fiverr sent me a message about the new level.
I am so happy that I decided to share my long, a little sad experience.
I hope this will help someone not to lose a hope and go to their goal to the bitter end! Sorry for such a long story. Hope it wasn’t boring. And let me know, it would be interesting to hear about My experience with customers.

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Congratz on starting off as a seller, persevering, and finally receiving regular orders! Starting off is absolutely the toughest time on Fiverr, but it seems you have cleared the first hurdle!

Just be cautious about regular orders, because even those can suddenly become irregular. The most consistent aspect of Fiverr is how inconsistent business is for the majority of sellers.

And yes, breaking up the solid block of text would help readers process your post. It strains the eyes and hinders the flow of words and ideas.

-Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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